Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two days till Surgery

TWO DAYS!!!! You would be amazed at how many times in the last couple days I have been asked if I was nervous about this operation. The answer is no. Its not because I don’t realize how big of a thing it is, its because I did my homework and know what to expect (as far as the actual procedure goes) I’m not going to go to a local clinic to have it done I’m going to a place that specializes in it, and has a certificate of Excellency, and comes with a good report from others who have been there. All of that being said there is a little anxiety of the 2-3 weeks right after surgery. The thought of the whole pureed food thing is all a little weird to me still, but this to shall pass. I’m sure right before the surgery I might have a little bit of a “this is big” moment, and I’m sure right after I will probably have a “this is REALLY final” moment. I expect those moments. The thing is I am ready for it to be final. Like I’ve said before, I would rather only be able to eat small portions the rest of my life than die before I’m 40. O.k. enough surgery talk.

I didn’t get a chance to say anything yesterday (been really busy trying to wrap things up before the op.) but Sunday nights church service was AWSOME!!!! Even now just thinking about it gets me excited!!! There is nothing like when God moves, and when his people come together in unity seeking his face, it was so great… and in the middle of it all I looked down beside me and my son was standing there with his hands raised and tears streaming down his face… It is truly a moment that takes your breath… My wife and I are very careful to talk to Corbyn about serving God but not try to coax him into things, because I feel like it is better to feel the pull from God than the push from his parents. So to see him Sunday…. Well words can’t describe it… I serve an Awesome God that candor all things and he deserves all honor. He’s the kind of God that can give you peace in the middle of a storm, He’s the kind of God that will see you through when you feel like you aren’t strong enough, and he’s the kind of God that was willing to die for his people… I adore him more than I could ever express.


Jaime said...

will be praying for you. And isn't it amazing when you can see God's light shining in your children?!

Andy said...

yes it is.... it's beutiful