Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today is the big day

Today is the day… I am currently in the car on the way to Chicago to get the surgery done (My wife is Driving). How do I feel right now??? Anxious… curious about how I’m going to feel at the end of the day… wondering if I’ll ever have Pizza again… I know sounds crazy food is what got me into this mess… and its not like I’m wanting a piece of Pizza right now.. I’m just wondering if I will ever have a piece again!!! I’m also content… I know that no matter what happens today I am right with God… so if God doesn’t see fit to keep me through this I will just be home with him… Don’t freak out I’m not sitting here thinking that I’m dying… as I’ve said before Iam confident in the surgeon I’m going too.. they have a certificate of excellency and they haven’t lost a patient in 7 years… all is well. I have to say though, my mind is really racing right now, I have SO much running through my mind… for instance apparently post op I will feel like I was kicked in the gut by a mule… now mind you I’ve never been kicked in the gut by a mule but I don’t imagine it is a pleasant feeling!!!! Maybe I can let you know what it feels like tomorrow!!!!! O.k. for now I’m going to get off here, and I will post this as soon as I get to the hospital…. And then off to surgery for me! About my stats… I will try to post them tomorrow, maybe it will be easier when I’m on medication.

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