Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lazy Day

Saturday!!! I think the only set in stone thing we have going on today is we might be going to Ohio for a revival tonight. It feels like we are ALWAYS on the go so the thought of hanging around here is so appealing. Anyway I don’t have a lot to say today… just wanted to express my joy that it is Saturday and not jam packed full and overflowing. I hope everyone has a great weekend and though it might be cold remember, this too shall pass, before long we’ll be wishing it would cool down a little (gotta love Indiana)

Speaking of jam packed full I have a question, has anyone made a successful effort to slow down your life? And if so, please tell me what worked for you!!!!!!


Jill said...

I think once your surgary comes your life will dramaticly slow down out of necessaty. So hopefully you wont be in pain and will be able to enjoy it! Also I just wanted to let you know that if you need anything regarding you surgary just let me know. I am assuming you will be having the surgary out of town and if you need a place for Corbyn to hang out or whatever just let us know.

Andy said...

Thanks, he's actually going to be staying with our pastor because they live in Pierceton so he won't miss any school that way... I will probably need someone to talk to on those long days after Stephanie goes back to work!!!!