Thursday, March 12, 2009

prep for surgery

Hmmm, I have so many things going through my mind… where to start!!!! I think I’m just going to focus on a topic a day that way I’m not writing a book but a chapter. So today I’m going to talk about surgery prep since its all starting to begin.
Things I have to do before the operation is:

*Get all my vitamins – which I have done accept I need to get Citra cal with D
*Start my 10 day pre op diet – this is a low cal (800-1000 cal. A day) high protein (60-100 G
a day)
*Get my protein Supplements (done but let me tell you those things are more expensive than I
*Get a comfy robe (a good friend told me to do this for the hospital so I’m not flashing the nurses
as I walk down the hall) also done
*Food Processor – got to get one so I can eat my baby food at first!!!!
*And picture time, I’m probably going to have Stephanie take some pictures of me Sunday (the
day before the diet starts) so I can sort of visually chart it, these pictures will not be posted
until probably the day after my surgery)

I am sure I have forgotten something on here, but I think this is the gist of it… my laptop has a webcam and I am debating on utilizing that…. What do you think? Should I just do Video blogs or still do it this way, or mix them…. I really don’t know what would be best… anyway I will talk more later – Bye.

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Jill said...

You have a laptop now?..... I am so freaking jealous!!! :(