Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow…. A little over twenty-four hours from now I will be in surgery, and my life will never be the same. It is such an odd feeling, knowing that my body will be altered after today and it will never be the same. I have to admit there is a certain part of me that asks me how I ever let it get to this point; I used to be so particular about what I ate…. Probably to a fault. But then something changed, what was it? I really don’t know. Anyway, I will be getting my bags ready today. Hopefully I will come home on Saturday… and then on the road to recovery.

1 comment:

Jill said...

R u gonna post your stats? Pic's? I think it would be awsome for you to be able to look back once your new body has transformed!

And once again,, Good luck!