Friday, October 31, 2008

the value of a life

Life is a gift that we shouldn’t take lightly… We will be putting my great uncle to rest today, and it really makes me think. You see, we are each given a brief time on this earth and what we do with that time is up to us. My Grandmother (his sister) came up to me at the viewing and said the only thing he left behind was a name sake… which happens to be my son and happened more by chance then anything else. When my wife and I found out we were having a son five years ago we found a name we liked, and then found out that my grandma had a brother with that name (no its not a common name)…. But anyway it seems sad to live this life in a way that at the end of the day you have nothing. I’m not talking about monetary things either… to me if you leave behind a Child that actually has morals in today’s society then you’ve left something of great value behind… if you have let God use you to touch someone and possibly save a soul, you’ve left something behind…. But if you are living your life “in the moment” not caring about your future (both in this world and beyond)… then take heed… find God… Read your bible… Grow as a person… there is so much that we can do in this life… but we have to be willing to do it!!!! I have always been fascinated with my Grandmothers (and now my wife’s Grandmothers) when they make quilts… they put it all together one peace at a time… and when its all said and done there is a Quilt where everything works together… while they are doing there “one piece at a time” they are pushing toward a mark… and when its done.. they have this quilt… the thing is… if you look at a quilt… on the bottom side there is a backing which Is one solid piece of material… and all of the little pieces fit within its parameter… that’s how our lives should fit with in god’s parameters… and just imagine what kind of life he can make for us at the end of the day… (So much better than random pieces left in a pile on the floor!!!)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Blog

I really have know idea what I’m going to blog about, I guess things that mean something to me, so you will probably hear about God, My wife, Son, Family, Weight, views in general… not sure where this is going to go but figure its worth a try… if you don’t like it that’s o.k. its more a place for me to put my thoughts than anything else….