Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 2 and feeling better

Its Saturday…. Two days post op… there are scales out in the hall that I see every time I walk (which has been quite a bit) and I want to get on them so bad!!!! Even though I know I haven’t lost weight yet… and I keep telling I... don’t be a slave to the scales!!!! I feel pretty good today though, granted its only twenty till seven… but I’ve walked, I’ve drank, I’ve gone pee... and today I will start pureed food… which on one hand… I can tell I haven’t had any food in a while… but on the other hand… I dread eating real food….I’ve heard to many horror stories… so it will be small bites with lots of time in between them… as far as second thoughts… no, even when I was the most uncomfortable… I prayed a lot about this decision… and I feel I am in the will of God… Even the day of surgery they approached me and informed me that my sugar had been 320 at my pre-op visit and if it were over 250 they couldn’t do surgery… I thought for sure I was going home when they went to test it, because it’s always HI, 250 is like a low norm… anyway I just prayed when he left that if It was God’s will the blood sugar come back below 250… it was 95… I haven’t seen 95 since I found out I was diabetic… it’s amazing how God works when that happened I was definitely at ease… I knew It would all be o.k.… and so far in the hospital they keep telling me I’m doing great… and while I’m sore, I’m a little tired, I’m scared of food right now… I am happy, I thank God for another chance at life… it’s so humbling to me, I took what God gave me and abused it… and here he gives me a second chance… how can people not adore a God like that.

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