Friday, November 21, 2008

Who's teaching who?

Last night was my sons first piano lesson… all that really happened was she went over some very basic stuff with him but it was still quite a sight to see for me… while he was randomly hitting the keys I was seeing what he could one day be… Isn’t if funny how we can learn so much from our kids. Its true that we teach them how to do a lot but they are gifts to us… and I see why, they remind us of the little things in life that sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of things… And if we allow them too they show us a whole new way to look at situations… from an innocent perspective. But anyway last night I was thinking about it watching him play and seeing what he could be… I think that must have been what God saw when he looked down on me… because I definitely wasn’t a “saintly” person… but he must have seen what I could become… not that I’m saying I’m perfect, because I’m not… although it would be nice if I were!!!! Well anyway, I’m going to get off here… just try not to be too hard on yourself, do your best that’s what is expected…. When my son started coloring I wanted him to always stay in the lines… and he told me that his teacher said he needed to try to stay in the lines but it was o.k. if he got out once in a while… that is so true… we need to constantly work at staying in the lines.. If we mess up that doesn’t mean to give up it just means we should realize what we were doing (going to fast, losing focus, etc.) fix it and continue on.


Jill said...

It is as if you are talking to me today. I am having a awful day, and over the past couple of weeks I am really struggling. I feel like no matter how hard I try I just cant get anything right. I am constintly working yet I feel nothing is ever done. Internal struggles really stink ya know?? Anyways, yes I need to remember to just do my best.

Andy said...

Jill, It means a lot to me that It helped... sometimes I feel like i get on hear and ramble... I really care about you and will be praying you get past your struggles.