Monday, November 3, 2008

The Price of Gold

Tomorrow’s the Big Vote Day!!!!! I’ve never actually voted before, but this year I feel inspired! I won’t go into how I feel about this candidate or that one, because if I have heard lies about them I don’t want to one day have to answer for bearing false witness. Politics are not worth losing heaven. Its truly amazing what people are willing to give their salvation up for… if you think about it… the wealthy land owner asked Jesus Christ what he could do, but when God told him to sell all he had he walked away sad… but he still walked away!!!! I am not a wealthy person (by this worlds standards), so Money has never really become my idol… but that doesn’t mean that God hasn’t asked me to give something up… and I have had to choose between it and him… I always try to remind myself that at the end of the day… that “thing” that I hold so valuable that I am having to choose between it and the living God… is going to be gone. And I don’t want to pay an eternity of Hell for something just because I made it my God (because if you are placing it above God in your life it is your God) I only have room in my life for one God and that is Jesus Christ. And I pray daily that I always have the strength and desire to keep him above all in my life.

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