Monday, November 17, 2008

My Rock

I don’t know how many of you have ever heard the song “I go to the Rock” but if you haven’t you should. Even if you don’t listen to “gospel” music… that song has been heavy on my heart since yesterday morning, and its still playing through my head… here are the words:

Where can I turnWhen there's no one else I can tun to
Whom I gonna talk toWhen nobody wants to listen?
Whom I gonna lean on
When there's no foundation stable
I go to the rock I know that's able
I go to the rock

I go to the rock of my salvation
I go to the stone that the builders rejected
I run to the mountain and the mountain stands by me
The earth all around me is sinkin sand
On Christ the solid rock I stand
When I need a shelter
When I need a friend
I go to the rock

Where can I hideTill the storms have all passed over
Where I'm gonna run to
When those winds of sorrow threaten
Is there a refuge
In those times of great tribulation
When my soul needs a consolation
I go to the rock

Anyone that is serving God knows EXACTLY what they are talking about in this song… There are times that we find that even those that we know love us let us down… often times without realizing it… but in Jesus Christ we have a solution… I heard something once and it has stuck with me and given me strength many times so I’m going to share it with you now. “Instead of always telling God how big our mountains are, maybe we should start telling our mountains how big our God is”… think about that next time you feel like your sinking in a bed of quicksand… I serve that same God that parted the waters for Moses, I serve that same God that walked through the fire with those three Hebrew children, I serve the same God that healed that woman with the issue of blood, and I serve the same God that raised Lazarus from the dead. I serve the same God that died on a cross so that I might have a chance… I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem that My god can’t fix… but I need to make sure I go to him!!!

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stay at home mom wannabe said...

This is so true!!!! I found out how true last week and it is so refreshing and encouraging that there is always someone there, as long as we are will to take the step and listen to Him!

Thank you!