Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Out of Control!!!!

So I am going to have a slight rant right now… Yesterday on my way home I got behind this SUV/crossover (not sure which) that on the back window had this HUGE sign of that kid that is always peeing on stuff accept this time he was flipping me off and around him it said “get off my rear” (of course it didn’t use the word rear)…. O.k. here is my problem how is it that If I were to have a bumper sticker that said something like “get right or get left”… that would be horrible because I might make somebody feel a little bit of conviction for the way they live… but society thinks its o.k. for this sophomoric person to put that on the back of their vehicle for the whole world to see!!!!! Should I have taken there license plate down, so when my son goes to school and flips the Teacher off (because the cool cartoon character on the vehicle in front of us did it), I can tell them to not get my son in trouble but to give that driver a detention… of course not, because I am bringing up my son to not go according to other people’s actions… but to live according to what is right. It just seems ridiculous to me that we live in a culture where people trying to serve God are supposed to just accept the ways of the world or be viewed as haters, judgmental or worse… yet we are constantly being told that what we are doing is wrong, or we are extremist, or legalistic!!!! The radio station I listen to has a “morning nugget” every day and this is what yesterdays said “The more I let free will steer me away from purity, the more my life goes out of control” this country is getting out of control… ironically this country seems to try to push God out of everything they can… maybe if they would allow a little bit of purity in this country we would be able to have a little more Morality.

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Jill said...

I pretty much agree with you there. It is impossible to take our kids out without them getting some kind of negitive influence. Its sad really.