Friday, November 14, 2008

The Consultation

As Promised here goes….
Day 1:
I went in for a informational session… found out that this Group has a certificate of excellence, and have never lost a patient on the table… the surgeon also teaches the procedure in America and across sea’s… so ultimately I am going to the best (which is what I want if I am going to be putting my life in his hands… I also found out that there are three different surgeries… but they will evaluate me and figure out which one is best for me…. Post op what I would expect is a stomach about the size of an egg, to eat 4-6 small meals a day, and a commitment to stay away from certain foods and pop the rest of my life while taking vitamins to balance out the malabsorbtion (my body isn’t going to get all the nutrients from the food)… all of this is if the Group see’s me as a qualifying candidate and if my insurance will cover it… which they should but they might have things they want me to do first.
Day 2:
I had to feel out this huge physiological evaluation to make sure I didn’t have underlying issues (will come to that later) and feel out “quiz” sheet to see if I was paying attention the day before and read my stuff. I then went into a room where I was first met by a Medical examiner and he asked me “Physical” questions about family heart disease and stuff, and if I felt pain you know sort of like a physical. When he left a dietitian came in. and she went over my knowledge of protein foods and carb foods… went over the quiz with me (I got them all right woohoo) we talked about my past of yoyo dieting where I’m at… o.k. here as a side note I would like to add… they kept saying “when did you start having a weight problem” to which I said “I don’t know I was always chubby after like fourth grade but then when I was fifteen I lost a hundred pounds and stayed close to there for two years but I would say I have faught it since fourth grade” just in case you were wondering. Then when she left the psychologist came in. and she talked to me about the underlying issues like do I have thought of suicide and was there events in my past that I blame my weight on… It was kind of cool and I told her so (I’ve always wanted to talk to a shrink)… after she talked to me she said the only two things she really recommended that I address on her part is maybe joining a support group which has people that have had the surgery as well as people that are about to have it (a group of people with a shared interest) and that I read a book called “thoughtful eating” because apparently I’m not a binge eater I am a thoughtless eater… which means… basically I’m a heavy grazer… I don’t think about what I’m eating it’s just there so I grab some.
And there you have it, sorry if I bored you...

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Jaime said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. It is nice to know what's going on with you. Sounds like "they" (meaning docs etc.) have been very helpful.