Friday, November 7, 2008

When Time is no more

This is my thought for today... I'm not much of a writer, buts it's what I felt

When Time is No More

When time is no more, and I face my fate;
Will I make it through, that pearly white gate?
Will I hear these words, in that sweet moment;
“Enter thou in, good and faithful servant”
And then with a garment, whiter than snow;
Will I see a place, this world can not know.

Or will there be fear, when these words are brought;
“Depart from me sinner, I know thee not”?
Will I regret, the chances not taken?
Time is no more, Eternity wakens.
This scene is so far, from heavens glory;
Fire and brimstone; not just a story.

Please help me take heed, to salvations plan
Provide me the strength, of a righteous man
Let me remember, the ways of my god;
As through this dark world, each day I do trod.
Help me know your ways, when I am enticed
So one day I’ll rest, with you Jesus Christ.


stay at home mom wannabe said...

:) Very thought provoking

Jaime said...

This was wonderful. You do have a gift as a writer. Thank you for sharing!