Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Star

The other day I got to hear a beautiful sound… it was my son playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Did he mess up? A couple times. Did he keep tempo? Not really. Was it still Awesome to see my son be able to play a song, not by memory but by reading the music? Yes!!!!! And the look on his face when he finished said it all, He was smiling from ear to ear glowing… And all he said when he was done was “I did it all the way through”… I still think it’s awesome!!!! You know it shows me something (I know “here he goes”) It wasn’t easy for Corbyn to do, but it got easier… he didn’t do it completely perfect… but he did it…. You know how he did it? He followed the Book that showed him what to do and he listened to what his Teacher had told him… two key factors… if we would apply that to our walk with God I think it would make things a lot easier… yeah we might mess up once in a while… but the great thing is that, just like Corbyn’s piano Book, the word doesn’t change… we can go back and do it right!!!! But the only way to master it is to not give up… to keep our eyes on the mark and one day we will realize… Hey “I did it all the way through “!!!!

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stay at home mom wannabe said...

I agree it was way cool to hear and see him play. What was even better is he was teaching his mom how to play!! Oh the things we learn from our childeren!